At Island Farms, we only use the best, highest quality dairy products from B.C.

Take a look at our wide variety of Canadian dairy products for every occasion. Made right, right here.

Enjoy the same great taste of our cream cheese with half the fat of butter and—we’re sure you’ll agree—twice the taste. It’s creamy and perfectly spreadable, making it a prime choice for topping a toasted bagel, or mixing into a delicious veggie dip.

Serving up the taste of freshness since 1944, Island Farms milk is delivered straight from B.C. dairy farms. From cooking recipes to your coffee, Island Farms milk is a West Coast tradition!

Nothing beats the smooth, creamy flavour of Island Farms sour cream. The velvety sour cream makes the perfect rich and delicious dip. Regular or light, we have your sour cream match.

Made with 100% Canadian dairy and premium ingredients, Island Farms specialty milks are a must in every B.C. kitchen. For cooking or simply drinking, you'll find your match.

Crafted with care by your local dairy in British Columbia, Island Farms creams are an essential product in every Canadian kitchen. From our daily half & half to our fluffy whipped cream, it makes everything taste better!

Island Farms ice cream is made with real Canadian dairy products. Enjoy the creaminess of Island Farms’ wide variety of ice cream. Go on, have a scoop!

A traditional, protein-rich delight. Island Farms cottage cheese is made from fresh B.C. milk and has larger, more distinct curds. Available from fat-free to creamy, Island Farms cottage cheese is simply the best.